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Gods And Curses

The lands we tread are cursed. Clutched and tainted by the old gods. It is time to rebuild and look for a new god. The path to ascension will be hard. We must gather our resources and tread carefully.

How To Play

Use the build menu at the bottom to select a structure. Then select a tile to place. Resources are shown at the top right. The cost of a building is shown on the tooltip.

House - Gain Gold
Farm - Gain Food
Mine - Gain Metal
Beacon - Expands land

When placing buildings, numbers become visible. This will indicate how many curses are in nearby squares. A player will receive a curse if a building is placed on one. Curses last for one round. You can hover over a curse to find out about its effect.

Every so often in the game players will have to tribute resources. The player who donates the most in each category will gain 1 score. When a player reaches 5 score they enter Ascension

Once a player is in Ascension, they must then win all 3 tributes to win the game.


Left Click - Select building and place them on tiles
Right Click - On a tile to find more info about its properties
WASD or Mouse3 - Pan the camera
Scroll Wheel - Zoom the camera


  • New players should leave the game setup on default
  • The icons next to the scoreboard show which player has the most of that resource
  • Try placing buildings of the same type near each other.
  • You do not have to tribute something every round.


GodsAndCurses.zip 40 MB
GodsAndCursesDocumentation.pdf 13 MB

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